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this about a half hour ago. some heavy activity west of frederick, west of leesburg, west of warrenton accident no warnings, but you see the -- warrenton, no warnings, but you see the reds and the yellow. we'll zoom in a bit and start northwest. you see pretty good rains down frederick and urbana. once you're past clarkbsurg you'll have pretty good rain to deal with, also down toward waterford and just west of leesburg. south and west of that really pretty heavy activity particularly south of leesburg, south of ashburn down toward the culpeper area. that's where the heaviest activity is on the map now. we'll come back, tell you where this is headed and if it's going to impact the nats game, big series, braves in town. >>> quite a scene in silver spring this morning, a ride on bus lost control and slammed into a house. two brothers were inside at the time. they are not hurt. we spoke with them, their parents and sister who was lucky not to be home at the time of the accident. >> bus was traveling. >> he lost his brakes. we were right there and i saw. it i looked behind us and see this b
'll zoom into the storm south and west of warrenton headed for fauquier county. this is a pretty heavy storm. right now, we don't see anything in terms of hail or gusty winds with this storm, but this is a pretty hefty storm. potential for flooding, just around flint hill, and just to the west of warrenton, just drifting very slowly to the north, and that could be a little bit of hail and heavy rain south of 29. now we will move north, and we still find another round, if you will, of showers and storms that are hitting right now through the panhandle of west virginia. they got hammered earlier today in morgan county and berkeley county. pretty good activity around martinsburg and on the other side, the west side of i-81. we will put this into motion. the problem with these storms, they are going to move very, very slowly. so i think flash flooding is possible again through northern fauquier county and possibly even as you go into prince william county a little later on tonight. we will say if we're going do this all over again tomorrow because we have a cold front on the map, derek. we
out south of warrenton. we'll zoom back out and we'll put this into motion. where is it going into in the next hour? it is moving very, very slowly off to the south and to the east. just barely moving. now, the good news is notice all of the yellows go out. so in some ways we get some significant and much needed rain across the metro area tonight. we'll tell you, this is going to affect your morning commute. i'll tell you if we're going to have more big storms tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you, top. >>> a big majority in the house of representatives voted tonight to ban all abortions in dc after the 20th week of pregnancy. however, under house rules, that big majority was not quite big enough to get the bill passed. gary nurenberg is here with all of the arguments and with what is going to happen next. gary. >> reporter: republicans were joined by 17 democrats in this 220-154 vote to stop dc abortions after 20 weeks. each said had talking points that repeatedly cited in tonight's debate. republicans argued new science shows at 20 weeks. >> unborn children clearly do experience
in warrenton there's a good little storm knocking on their door in the next few minutes. we start with a live picture outside. it's always beautiful to see the monument back in the jefferson in the distance. in terms of what's happening now on sentinel radar, these storms are coming up. there's really one lonesome storm now holding together, but tell you what. it's getting a little bigger. i think we can have more of these moving through scattered about overnight tonight. we zoom in. this is fauquier county coming up from culpeper county. warrenton is right there. they're about to start to get into this storm now and there's very heavy rain. marshall along 245 and warrenton right here and this part of the storm has been weakening a little bit, but still a lot of intense lightning there showing up, but just west of warrenton is the strongest part of the storm where all the significant lightning is. so very loud out there, heavy rain and we know earlier from this evening these thunderstorms are dropping enough rain to cause a little flash flooding. we got to watch that. back out along 81 they h
warrenton in through fauquier county. that's moving east along 66. up to the north around the frederick area seeing rain. that rain moving towards montgomery county. most of us will see that rain over the next couple of hours. i'll show you had it gets to your area coming up in a minute. >> thanks, doug. >>> an 11-year-old girl assaulted in her bedroom and the evidence left behind. it led to a quick arrest. >> how much is too much to drive on the dulles toll road. drivers get to weigh in on the latest proposals. >>> a woman's attempt to make history with a 100-mile swim history with a 100-mile swim from cuba but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them. >>> an 11-year-old girl sexually assaulted while she was asleep in her own bed sunday morning. prince george's county police tell us they were able to nab the suspect quickly thanks to a critical clue he left
up in the last half hour are just southwest of warrenton about to cross over 29. that's about it. you have to go down toward fredericksburg to see more activity. earlier it was heavy around harrisonburg, right right now the only one in the immediate area is southwest of warrenton. temperaturewise 93 today, still 90 downtown, but in the 80s in the burbs, 86 gaithersburg, manassas, 83 andrews, fredericksburg 86 degrees. tonight we'll keep the chance of a thunderstorm, but south of town early, otherwise partly cloudy, mild, 66 to 74, wind i.c.e., southeast at 10. we'll come -- winds east, southeast at 10. we'll come back and talk about another cold front heading our way late in the week. >>> coming up another historic moment for nasa as the latest mars rover touches down and begins its mission. >> but first maryland's first casino request to downsize just as lawmakers are looking at adding another one. something is wrong with that picture. we'll tell you about it up next. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way to
are blocked in virginia passed warrenton road. no report delays around the beltway in maryland. a live look at connecticut ave. outer loop greenbelt bw parkway to 201 two lanes of block. we are getting the concept as we speak. >> take a look around prince george's county. investors are trying to find out what caused a fire in a temple hills that sent five firefighters and one resident to the hospital. >> it happened 10:00 last night. for residents were trapped. all of them were arrested. >> firefighters go into the front. they encountered a significant amount of fire when they opened the door. that drove many of them up the steps while others held the steps. >> four firefighters were burned. in other suffered exhaustion because he shared his oxygen mask with a trap president. all of those injuries are non life-threatening. in aspen hill, a car slammed into a utility pole. the crash happened a long georgia ave. two people were taken to the hospital. non-life threatening injuries. >> d.c. police are looking at a break in in in elementary school. it happened thursday at raymond elementary scho
in warrenton. 102 at quantico and at 11:00 this morning, 105 in fredericksburg. that's what it felt like outside. so still pretty uncomfortable. we have a muggy overnight that we'll have to deal with. late night into the morning, could see some patchy fog. and a cold front, which we have been talking about will bring us storms. also watching the tropics. tropical storm, ernesto is one we'll talk about. look at the numbers today. some 6 to 8 degrees above the seasonal average as we clocked in at 96 degrees at reagan national airport. at bwi, 93 degrees. i just gave you some of those numbers what it felt like outside. we had triple digits, actually when you factored in the temperature and the humidity. and current temperatures, actually highs right now across the country were really up there. look at dallas, 102 degrees, wichita, 100 degrees. 106 in little rock. i know we don't want to hear about those triple digits anymore. we had our fair share a month or so ago, but a lot cooler across areas of the northern plains. it's still warm. it's 85 degrees. 82 at baltimore. the same at frederick
. warrenton has a touch of fog down below a half mile there. temperature about 70 for culpeper and manassas. mid-60s in the shenandoah valley. 65 up in frederick this morning. 68 for la plata. 71 in cambridge and here in d.c. we're 76. we're going up to 94. maybe holding around 90 right along the bay with the southerly winds. you look for tides a little higher there over the next few hours. they could be running about three quarter a foot above normal. manassas 95. 5:01. we go over to monika samtani, timesaver traffic. so far so good. >>> so far so good. no problems to report i'm happy to say. fingers crossed it stays that way after the morning we had yesterday. no problems to report on the northbound side of 395 heading for the pentagon and the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open across the bridge span. we'll take a live look there. from the distance you'll see across the river everything is running smoothly inbound and outbound from the 14th street bridge. let's go back over to our maps to the other side of town in from the airport on the the dulles toll road or 66 in from manassas. ev
zero. warrenton a half-mile along with stafford right now. those are the real trouble spots. even frederick is down to a three-quarters. a couple showers in pennsylvania. this one near hancock may sneak in toward areas near washington county near the border. watch out for that hagerstown region. otherwise 70s and sticky. let's check in with beverly farmer. >>> not up to speed on metro. still single tracking trains, sharing trains. blue and yellow line between braddock road and reagan national. that's been about the past 45 minutes. yellow and blue line customers experiencing delays. here's i-270 experiencing delay to get past 109. police have gone to check for the crash south of the truck scales but before 121 clarksburg. they're also checking southbound 270 near germantown for a crash there. 95 not so eventful in virginia. northbound 95 lanes open as you make your way toward quantico with building volume. beg past dale city and the prince william parkway, heavy volume merging on to the hov lanes. the pace into springfield is still good. 66 traffic building volumes for folks into
.c. a little bit of haze. we have reports of some fog toward frederick and out toward warrenton. upper 80s by noon. a couple of storms in spots this afternoon. high 90 to 95. we'll still be 91 at 5:00 p.m. so we're certainly going to have a toasty afternoon. we did have a few big storms yesterday afternoon and evening, even a little hail dropped in spots. this morning look how things have really quieted down on that satellite and radar imagery. 65 in frederick with the fog. manassas, warrenton area a little bit of fog. winchester gorgeous at 64. it's a sticky 76 here in d.c. and 70 across the bay in easton. a look at your forecast highs for the afternoon. average high 88. we'll be 90 to 95. i'll be inside next time we talk with the seven day. here's monika. >>> if you're planning to head around town, the beltway looks great. no problems to report. all accidents are cleared on the beltway. there was one at kenilworth avenue. you also have construction in silver spring. that's why you've got that red stuff going in toward university boulevard right here on the north side of town. other than
stafford, manassas, warrenton, those areas. patchy ground fog to our north as well. temperatures, in the upper 60s to mid-70s this morning. by 9:00 83 in baltimore. we'll be near 80 here with mid- 70s. could be a couple of showers or storms in the mountains. we'll head toward lunch time at 90. then this afternoon just an isolated storm lives 90 to 95. andrea and mike? >> thanks, howard. >>> nats starter gio gonzalez gives the bullpen a break by throwing a complete game. >> you ready to see rg3 throw his first pass in a game for a change? kristen berset previews tonight's preseason opener sports. >>> good morning, everybody. the much anticipated and talked about debut of robert griffin iii is almost here. tonight the qb will make his debut in a game in a skins uniform but if you want to see him play, you need to tune in early. he's only going to play a couple of series at the beginning. considering the amount of injuries on the offensive line, that's a good thing. less chance of injury for the rookie qb but still enough to evaluate how he's coping with the playbook. offensive coor
, montgomery county airport, warrenton down to zero. a quarter in culpeper, quarter in winchester. petersburg zero. we have patchy dense fog in spots. a little hazy elsewhere. upstairs it's quiet so we don't have the clouds overhead. once we burn off the fog, we'll get into the sunshine and take temperatures which are starting in the 60s, even upper 50s north and west. and 70s. you can see where the moisture is. it's muggy. we're in the low to mid-70s already. we're shooting up into the 90s this afternoon with a high around 95. it is 6:01. we throw it over to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >>> thank you so much. this accident i've been telling you about since early this morning was cleared to the shoulder, 95, an overturned vehicle. it left a lot of slow traffic for you. i don't think you would be expecting that, especially the friday morning before labor day. so tack on a couple of extra minutes to your drive on the northbound side of 95 because of that. but the good news is the lanes are open. we'll go a little further north now on to 395 and heading up from landmark up to the 14th
, the strongerly lead for storms this afternoon. live super doppler radar, the in warrenton,rs fredericksburg, culpeper. severe. anything severe this morning. later this afternoon it may be a much different story. daytime highs today in the mid to upper 80s. nighttime lows in the '60s. in the upper 80s again tomorrow. the extended outlook in a few minutes. baden.lisa >> we are having a quiet ride on . annapolis near route 2 across the severn river and is good. problems in bowie or cheverly and northeast d.c. quiet is virginia traffic along and 95, a green light in both directions between front royal vienna, good between fredericksburg and springfield. on good inside the beltway through falls church. nothing across the 14th street bridge. travel times in our favor on 270. out for nfle fall johnson, and charged with domestic battery against of just one month. the miami dolphins terminated his contract. vhi has pulled a couple pose a show.y johnson is accused of wife during an argument. police have released the 911 by a neighbor after that incident. on thehas a knife cut forehead. to need
and later on today. have areas of rain. heavy rain in loudoun county and stretchingesburg, towards warrenton and culpeper and west of fredericksburg. rain is starting to on the interstate 95 corridor in virginia and prince south. county and points more rain close to richmond and pushing richmond, north. over the spread momentarily this morning. for today, high temperatures in withid to upper 80s passing showers and thunderstorms. a little bit of a break especially around lunchtime. could become severe later on today. we will start the weekend a et on saturday, and with highs in the mid '80s. sunshine, low humidity, 87. of 95.mute west >> there's a structure fire on 29. that is closed in both directions in gainesville 55.een 15 and 66 is open. a tree came down near the exit, traffic using the shoulder to get around. show take you upstream and the 14thffic on 395 at nicely.ridge, moving 270. good in maryland on metro rail is beginning on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. we have an update on a virginia athletes who competed in london. jennings took home runs in the further weight clas
. cumberland, your fog has gotten better. at the warrenton airport, quarter mile. three-quarters toward culpeper. temperatures, they're running in the 60s. another comfortable morning. in lawrm it's 64 -- laurel it's 64. upper marlboro it's 65. 61 in leesburg. 58 in lovettsville in northern loudoun county. cool looking sky this morning. again we are looking here from our tower in northwest d.c. by the way, you see some of the fog right down there? some of the low lying patchy fog? that's what we're talking about in the area. 71 at reagan national under mostly cloudy skies. you definitely see the breaks. humidity at 84% and the winds are calm. we're going to continue to see some of the high clouds streaming from the southwest. thicker with the clouds south and east. then the isolated shower or storm this afternoon. quiet tonight. we'll be all right through friday morning and then again friday afternoon. we're going to pop a couple more showers and storms here and there. saturday, though, maybe a few more in the afternoon, especially west of d.c. i think even more, though, on sunday. isaa
. ,emperatures now, 59 in inwood clarksburg, 65 la plata. degrees in warrenton. in oxon hill, 55. a few sunny breaks expected today with spotty, light rain. pack the umbrella, but i don't think you will need much today? . partly cloudy tomorrow, low to 80's with a few isolated late-day showers. for the weather. >> not much to say. we like it around the beltway. as far as interstate travel. we will give you travel times in r favor on the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road restaurareston and asheville. looks good between centreville and the beltway. 270 from father to the beltway. quiet on 66, 95, and 395. >> it is 65 degrees. a missouri congressman catching heat for comments about the pregnancy occurring after a woman was raped. a motorcyclist killed in a has beenupper marlboro as 26-year-old juan pena. residents who live near brown heard a loud crash. couple who were both medics rushed to the scene to help. >> there were bunch of cars around. ,he was holding his spine we were not causing more injury. compressions. ambulance gotl an there. police still trying to find what caused the acciden
in warrenton. in the '60s all across the region this morning. 70 degrees by 7:00 a.m., mostly sunny. becoming partly cloudy for the rest of the day, 89 degrees for the high temperature, not very humid. spotty showers over the weekend. 82 tomorrow. 84 on sunday with some breaks in the clouds. chance of rain, 30% or so on saturday and sunday. now, angela. happy friday. >> its a good friday morning on the road. we have a couple active work zones. on m street accokeek bridge. -- at the key bridge. southbound 495, there is a work zone in fairfax county, the ramps from 50 still closed to the inner loop. traveling around the beltway in maryland, looks pretty good for the most part. should be an easy drive. lane closures are gone and we are moving at a good pace. back to you. >> thank you. some lanes on 66 west will be closed this weekend at the beltway because of construction. >> the closures will be in effect for 9:00 tonight until 5:00 monday morning. one of the two lanes on the exit ramp from 49 to 495. 66 is going to be a problem. the ramp to 66 west closes at 9:30 sunday night. >> you can expec
fauquier 17, south of warrenton, and a little in county and western county. front royal has a light this morning pushing off to the east. overall, we will have a spotty, light showers through the morning. today.e later on temperatures are in the '70s. 76 in camp springs. 73 incidentally, 75 currently in leesburg. the hourly forecast is the best graphics today with a transition. cloudy this morning. spider rain through lunchtime. after lunch time, sunshine, cloudy laterly afternoon with a few stray possiblehowers of washingtonth later on today with a high of 89 the next few days around 90 degrees with almost daily strong week.s this wettest. >> e the the slowest commute is on 270. 95 maryland is where newschopper 7 is stationed. minor alooking at a southbound near powder road moved on to the left shoulder. still moving at a pretty good of laurel to get down beltway. in maryland, a picture of 270 southbound near father hurley movedard with a crash completely on to the right shoulder. traffic outpace of of clarksburg. normal travel times in virginia 66, 95, 395. 841 is 20 mi
and the beltway and into warrenton. chantilly reston maybe getting some light showers and just in- between gaithersburg and reston where you see the yellow you may be getting more of a moderate rainfall there at this hour. it's very sporadic around the area tonight. here's a greater look at the doppler and very few thunderstorms earlier today but it's bin coon of a drizzly and gray day for the sunday. temperatures also the unofficial high at reagan national only 78ed to. average being 87. now we're in the mid 70s in downtown. already into the mid 60s outside the beltway. and in our suburbs. so overnight, cloudy and cool with just some isolated showers. lows will fall into the 60s and tomorrow morning, as you're waking up and kids are going to the bus stop we're expecting mostly cloudy conditions and a chance for some showers and temperatures will be in the 70s by 9:00. so definitely maybe a light jacket for that morning walk to school. and also of course your umbrellas. i'll tell you how long this cooler and unsetted weather pattern lasts, surae? >> thank you anny. >>> the white house isn'
this afternoon. fog a problem in winchester, orange, warrenton, telequarters of a mile. all these areas in the shenandoah valley. have fog in leonard town as well, but no advisories east on the eastern shore we likely have some fog because we have showers there this morning. the heavy stuff is now east of the bay and you can see it here headed toward delaware. southern prince george's got a couple of sprinkles here and there temperatures this morning 60s and low 70s under the cloud across the region. >>> today upper 80s, we are going to get partly sunny, just an isolated storm possible this afternoon once we get rid of the fog and the showers this morning. tonight 60s to around 70, maybe an isolated shower overnight. stray thunderstorm or two tomorrow. wednesday looks great, so does thursday as we warm back up to 88 and hot. 6:18. monika samtani is in with a look at timesaver traffic. >> eastbound chesapeake beach road after route 4 is closed and now we have an accident on 270 on the northbound side after i 370 and the local lanes. local lanes are blocked at the scene of the accident. n
chester, front royal head -- winchester, front royal heading into warrenton. this is basically ahead of a cold front that will come through and eventually we'll get drier and cooler air. i want to zoom in and this is mostly light stuff. more of the heavier rain and storms are up toward cumberland. you can see right around leesburg, charlestown, light shower activity. the showers today, maybe a couple could become strong to severe, but the threat for severe weather very minimal. look on the radar. you can see we've got still some showers coming in from the north and west and again some light rain. so if you go out for dinner tonight, bring out the umbrellas just in case. right now lower 90s under cloudy conditions. dew points are in the mid-50s. winds are southwest at 18 miles per hour. looks like temperatures are cooling down, especially north and west of town, 70 in hagerstown, 73 winchester, 91 downtown, 87 degrees in gaithersburg. satellite and radar showing us here's that front. you can see it's coming in and we'll probably see more showers and potentially storms even overnight p
in spots especially d.c. south and east. frederick, culpeper, warrenton visibilities half to a quarter mile. otherwise the heat is probably what's going to slow you down as we get into the afternoon. looking at our bus stop forecast, it's mainly clear but we do again have the patches of fog with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. sun is not up for a good hour 25 still. about 6:40 this morning. we'll watch out for those areas of fog for the next couple of hours. we'll see temperatures warm very quickly today. by 11:00 85. winds west. they'll increase some 10 to 15 this afternoon. by 1:00 already 91. keep in mind average high is 85, 86 for the end of august. by 3:00 94. i think 95, maybe 96 is attainable. unfortunately this afternoon. as we head toward dinner time, drive home, 95 degrees at 5:00. so if you have plans outside today, they're doable. just drink plenty of water and pace yourself. air quality code orange. 72 in easton right now. new york, though, still with the drier air, it's gotten down to 58 for those folks up north. winchester down to 61. south of town, this is where the muggies
access radar on our website, you can see the storms building warrenton south and west of fredericksburg. you see the reds and yellows. pretty good rainfall southwest of culpeper. indicates rainfall anywhere from half an inch, an inch per hour. everything is pushing off to the north and to the east. we'll put this in motion. over the next hour we are going to see the storms move through culpeper, head up towards gold vain and eventually up the west side of 95. one area hit hard today was hagerstown. check out this picture. flooding, anywhere from two to three inches of rain fell. this person is not supposed to do that. do not drive through a flooded street. we'll come back, talk more about those storms and say which day will be the better of the two for the weekend. >> thank you, top. >>> less than 90 days before the presidential election and an end to all those political ads we've been seeing endlessly on tv. the veterans of presidential campaigns say this may actually be the most nasty and misleading campaign yet. gary nurenberg is here to explain why the heck is it h
aeropuerto dca y de una torre del Área de warrenton aunque aÓn federal aviaciÓn, en ningu Ún momento los aviones estuvieron apunto de chocar un comunicado de acerca del incidente afirma: grafica "esta falta de comunicación nunca debió ocurrir oficiales de seguridad de la faa están investigando los hechos y porque hubo falta de comunicación y tomara acciones pertinentes en el caso" por su parte este incidente perturba la tranquilidad de los pasajeros catherine, viajera "a mi me da miedo saber que estoy ene l aire y que uno no sabe lo que esta pasando en la torre de control es un miedo" stefany, viajera "cuando los aviones están así por despegando o aterrizando y se dan estas cosas y es un hombre ha sido arrestado en coneccion con la muerte del dueÑo de una joyeria en arlington... james caroline de 52- aÑos es sospechoso de robar y asesinar a tommy wong el pasado viernes...el sospechoso podria enfrentar cargos por policia del distrito de columbia tambien esta tratando de determinar si caroline esta involucrado en un asalto a mano armana a otra joyeria el nueve de juni
says it was miscommunication between warrenton, in reagana, and at national. jets withiner seconds of colliding. it will be about a couple minutes. >> 3 commuter jets similar to these at reagan national were on nearlysion course with 200 passengers on board. >> it happened to me where we landing and had to take off because they were crowding runway. >> storms were moving in on whenay afternoon in va changed the air traffic flow. apparently the controllers tower at reagan never got the memo. two planes were cleared to take approaching plane same flighton the path. it was good they responded in the way they did. when the controller realized mistake, he quickly ordered plane to make an abrupt turn. >> standby. >> i think, today is a good day ly.fin the faa will hold an the oneation similar to when an air-traffic asleep at thel control. is working with the investigate the matter take appropriate action to address the miscommunication. at reagan national airport, john gonzalez, abc 7. >> it has been a week of scary moments involving air travel. antonio international airport yesterday wa
in washington, 72 along with stanford. 69 and warrenton. here's the hourly forecast. degrees by 11:00 a.m. high temperature of 93 degrees by 4:00 p.m. we will feel the humidity outside. by 7:00 p.m., mid 80's at 86. sunny and highs today, 93 for the high temperature. stormschance of lateday tomorrow, 95 degrees for the high temperature. we cannot rule out one or two tomorroworms afternoon. chance into the weekend. lisa. >> in virginia, 95 northbound, is open out of fredericksburg coming towards springfield. is broken downer northbound coming out of park.l end of theat the to go onp from route 3 interstate, there's a broken-down truck. southbound after the thornburg exit, lingering roadwork will be gone soon. 66 is clear. nothing complicated on 395. inside the beltway look good church and across roosevelt bridge. well on the beltway in through silver spring tysons, to and from the american legion bridge. 17 minutes on 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. nearly a dozen new reasons to watch or speed while traveling in d.c. 11 news speed cameras. violator
rainfall totals since midnight. an inch in huntingtown. over an inch in warrenton. olney.n inch in clarksburg had just over two thees if you factor in rainfall from yesterday. degrees in sterling. 75 in camp springs. as we get more sunshine in the afternoon, we will make it to the mid to upper 80s. ben more widespread showers and storms developing especially afternoon and evening and into the nighttime. first, look at the collar air in midwest. 10-d2 in detroit, i 73 in indianapolis. lowe were record temperatures in northern minnesota early this morning. that the travel forecast. >> thanks so much. showdown over gambling is turning into a war of words. fiery debate under way in maryland's leaders' expanding casinos in a free state. >> day two of a special session to tackle the issue. john gonzalez explains where today.stand >> this will go on well into the night. there are a number of issues ranging from the fear that nonunion workers will build the casino, to the fear that there backroom deals going on, and mention hundreds of -- and already contentious session. tables a bill t
the umbrellas tomorrow just in case. warrenton manassas around 85 degrees so actually be a little bit below the average high of 87. downtown, 86. and annapolis 83 and there are no small craft advisories to worry about for sunday. pax river 87 and eastern shore also looking pretty good. temperatures in the mid 80s with some showers possible once again. check out your next three days. our 9 weather alert code for tomorrow i'm keeping it green because again chance for some showers and it will be less humid still and temperatures in the mid 80s. monday, a little cooler in the low 80s with showers and storms possible once again. i've made that a yellow alert day. tuesday, wow, look at that. getting down to 79 degrees. and showers and storms are possible. check out your next seven days. so thursday we're back into the near mid 80s and i think by thursday and friday, we should really be drying things out. temperatures topping out in the mid 80s for friday and saturday also in the mid 80s under partly cloudy conditions. so we still have the in the playing tonight and looks pretty good for a basebal
89 your high, hagerstown lower 90s, winchester 92, warrenton 93, culpeper up to 96 degrees. in downtown 94 and annapolis lower 90s, pax river 95. our next three days our 9 weather alert code tomorrow is yellow. we could upgrade that to red againing how the storms set up -- depending how these storms set up tomorrow. keep posted to our website high again tomorrow 94. saturday maybe some morning showers, but look at that cooler 84 degrees. check out your next seven days. sunday even cooler, lower 80s, some places maybe only getting to the upper 70s. can you believe that? monday also in the 80s with a chance for some showers. then we'll be in the mid-80s for the rest of next week, back into the upper 80s for thursday. derek, i know you're wondering can i get my bike ride in this weekend? that front will stall south of us, so it's really hard to say what sort of impact that's going to have, maybe a little unsettled, but i'll let you know tomorrow night. >> going to be an early morning decision. >> game time decision. >> we'll talk to you in a minute. >>> we want
heating. south and west of town check this out. from front royal approaching warrenton through areas of cath let, virginia, toward quantico and stafford moving into charles county. we have showers down there. generally cloudy skies in d.c. temps in the 70s. low 70s most of the shenandoah valley. still 80 at the pax river naval air station in annapolis. 77 at andrews. highs once again mid- to upper 80s. monika is off but we have beverly farmer watching the traffic us for. >>> better news for folks that travel out of hyattstown, clarksburg. the crash moved out of your way southbound between father hurley boulevard and 118. the pace is so much better. the pace into germantown, gaithersburg, rockville much better, too. southbound 95 similar recovery coming down out of laurel, the accident before you reach the beltway after 212 moved out of the way. good news too on the beltway in alexandria. delia goncalves has all the details on the beltway in alexandria. >> reporter: beverly, some great news here on the beltway. we're here live at telegraph road overlooking the beltway and we're joined
southwest of warrenton. we have them east and south of annapolis. a couple of light wins still coming through annapolis and the heaviest on the eastern shore as you head toward chestertown, that way. 81 in annapolis with the humidity. 73 in culpeper. leesburg 72. again, there are some spotty showers out there with your highs this afternoon a little bit below average. average is 88. we'll be in the mid- to upper 80s as opposed to mid- to upper 90s. we'll take that. it's 5:00 a.m. monika is off but beverly farmer is in with timesaver traffic. >>> not a lot to tell you about which is good news. there had been a crash in the overnight hours on beach drive north of the sue tunnel and rock creek park. that should be out of your way according to the u.s. park police. that's good news heading into the district. around town no early troubles to tell you about. on the beltway, through virginia, maryland. incident free. this is the beltway south of route 50 in maryland coming up through landover on the right side of the screen is the outer loop heading into college park and on into university bo
. low 90s hagerstown, afternoon storms, 96 in culpeper. low to mid 90s warrenton, leesburg, and toward manassas and fairfax. 95 downtown. mid 90s in southern maryland and mid 90s up into frederick. not much wind. so no small craft advisory for the bay or title potomac. we're in the range by noon and 91 to 96, isolated thunderstorm by evening. we're going to keep it code yellow the next three days because of the heat and thunderstorms. 95 on friday, 95 again on sunday. bets chance will be monday. still around 90 tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, with afternoon storms. kristen will be back with nats highlights right after this. don't go away. >>> now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> it's been three long months for jason worth. he broke his wrist in early may and tonight made his return to the lineup, helping his team avoid the sweep. nationals in their series finale against philadelphia, still scoreless in the second, when adam laroche hits a 421- foot bomb to right center. it's his 20th of the season. nats up first. next up, jason worth, not a bad way to come b
patchy dense fog. stafford, warrenton, those areas. eight going to be a sunny day today. a couple of clouds and isolated thunderstorm or two later this afternoon. it's going to be hot, highs 90 to 95. we'll talk more about what you can expect for the rest of the week into the weekend coming up on 9news now at 5:00 a.m. here's beverly farmer. >>> talking traffic. not too much to tell you about. pick up all the overnight construction barrels out of your pact making the drive on the beltway in maryland between andrews and landover, here's a shoft the beltway just south of route 50. everything okay. remember all the drama we had yesterday on the maryland beltway? we would like not to repeat that looking g. the next timesaver traffic comes up after 5:00 a.m. >> thanks, beverly. >>> a move is underway to preserve civil war sites in maryland. governor martin o'malley is committing $1987,000 to -- $987,000 to preserve battle grounds in frederick county. he says the private civil war trust will match the funds for a total of just under $2 million. frederick county is home to the national b
warrenton and farther south down into culpeper county. they're getting some moderate to heavy downpours. watch out for the ponding of water on many rural roads. some of the lighter rain just now beginning to move into fairfax and montgomery counties and farther down to southern prince william and spotsylvania. all of this area in yellow under a severe risk zone. 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. chance of damaging winds. it covers a huge area from west virginia all of the way into virginia and maryland. temperatures right now are in the low 70s where it's raining. out ahead of that rain, upper 70s to near 80. by 5:00 a.m., we'll be in the 70s and some showers coming in with a chance of some lightning. and by noontime, we might have a few scattered storms around. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. then a greater chance of storms, mid to late afternoon. some of them could be severe. highs reaching mid 80s. and some of those severe storms tapering off by mid to late evening. we could have heavy downpours tonight. then for the weekend, maybe lingering shower saturday morning, clearing out tomo
of us. here's one exception. northern portions of culpepper warn, just to the west of warrenton, and fauquier county, a bit of a shower here. the rest of the storm's down to the south and that's where they'll remain. . temperatures tomorrow, back around the 90 degree mark, 91 coming in tomorrow in washington. guys? >>> thank you, doug. we're hoping that vance has enough voice left to do the sports. >> let's hope. there's no guarantee. >>> we are officially now for the first time this season in redskins game week. it's a preseason opener against the bills. what it really is, is the first time somebody's going to actually try to take robert griffin iii's head off and mean it. comcast sportsnet's chick hernandez knows what it's like. how's he feeling out there, chick? how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good, barry white. >> oh, baby, oh, baby. >> i feel fine, but i'm not sure how robert griffin will feel after thursday night. his right guard goes down today. that means three-fifths of the offensive line is nicked up. three days until the redskins take on the buffalo bills. the ant
den -- warrenton right now visibility one- quarter after mile with fog. 68 for cumberland. low 70s to the south of tappahannock, pax river, over toward fredricksburg 71. baltimore 71. as we look outside on our michael & son weather camera, a little condensation on the lens there because it is so stickyout side with the dew point at 7 0. no winds. heat once again a really big problem. oklahoma will be 112. class also 110. tremendous heat there. our 93, 94 ain't looking so bad. weather pattern been like this for a couple of days. ridge in the south central plains here. that's why we have the tremendous heat. thunderstorms up and over the ridge with a scattering of showers and storms across the deep south, the great lakes and even in our neck of the woods. as we look at the future cast, it really is fairly quiet for today. expecting the pop-up thunderstorm or two. less activity than we've seen so should be pretty good day for most of us. just hot. tonight a quiet night. clear to partly cloudy skies. a little muggy. tomorrow with the afternoon heating we'll top a -- pop a few more show
. it's in the low to mid 60s. day two here, too. right now around warrenton, low 60s. throughout much of lower virginia and maryland, it's in the upper 50s, near 60, shenandoah valley. pan hand of west virginia, back to school there, too. by 6:00 a.m., cloudiness around. patchy fog will still be in the 60s. by noontime, be in the 70s. mostly sunny and mild. beautiful for your lunch hour. by mid to late afternoon, slight chance of isolated thunder shower as you reach the low to mid 80s. by 5:00, back down to the upper 70s. by dawn tomorrow, upper 50s. in fact, it's going to be cool the next several mornings. wednesday, thursday, friday mornings, 50s to 60s. 30% chance of an isolated storm tomorrow afternoon. this pleasant pattern continues into the weekend. i'll be back in ten minutes. mike is in for danella this morning with our traffic. >> not too bad right now on 495. looking good in each direction on 270, no reports of serious problems. let's take a live look here you are at hyattstown. smoothly. clarksburg, as you can see things are moving at speed there. 66 miles an hour as you h
morning. 66 in camp springs, 61 in warrenton. 84 degrees for the high , nearature this afternoon average. conditions for the d a slighte day an chance of isolated thundershowers this afternoon and evening. nothing strong to severe. brief downpours here and there. now back to angela foster. allot of trouble spots. a new accident for those 66.eling westbound your ramp to the dulles s closed withd i accident activity. fairfax county parkway before ox rd, blocked.d lanes are in maryland, not seeing any especially around the beltway. just got anwe accident reported on the outer pastof the beltway just college park, route 1. want right lane is blocked with the accident. delays, but it's not bad for now. 270 did have a bottleneck a few 109, but still moving at a pretty good pace. the lays off and on. what you will run into traveling in springfield on interstate 95. pocket delays as volume build, but still at a pretty good pace r continuingtway o 395. back to you. >> thank you. we will start things off with breaking news in ellicott city, maryland. crews are searching r potential other victims i
to garrissonville. prepare yourself for that. early congestion southbound approaching warrenton road making your way to fredericksburg. stillernight work zone is in effect. on it is quiet. all lanes open from the truck spur. all the way to the >> in prince george's county, firefighters and one residents recovering this morning after suffering injuries. >> firefighters rescued several people from apartments in temple hill. john gonzalez has more on the heroic effort. >> four residents of the three- trapped.rtment became when firefighters opened the of department unit on fire, they were by a wall of flames. >> they arrived and found a fire, standard procedure, went down the steps, standard, opened the doors, standard, and it flashed them when they opened the door. then that created the fire going the apartment above. >> one firefighter suffered inhalation and exhaustion, a 10-year veteran. >> he found her in a position where she could not get out. sat with her in the apartment mask waiting for someone to rescue them. seconds before running out of rescued.two were >> that was john gonzalez rep
in warrenton. highs around 87 this afternoon around the beltway. low to mid 80's in the highlands. near 90 degrees for the next few days. not very humid. we will take a look at tropical storm isaac coming up. >> train service in ellicott city resumes this morning following tuesday's deadly derailment. csx has released a statement apologizing for the disruption and banking people for their understanding. the train company says it is extremely grateful to all the emergency crews working with it in response to the tragedy. police expect street to remain closed around the derailment today as cleanup continues. meantime funeral amendments and have been made for the two young women killed in the derailment. recess for 19-year-old elizabeth nass r. tomorrow and the memorial for 19-year-old rose mayr will take place on saturday. -- funeral services for elizabeth nass are tomorrow. survey found many students are coming to school hungry and they have lower academic performance and suffer from held issues and behavior problems. secretary of education arne duncan is meeting with maryland officials th
near edsall road. southbound 95 though between warrenton and plank road. two left lanes are closed with construction. back with more coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >>> 4:41 and time for the first your money segment of this friday morning. >> i wish i had more. you got any money? >> i wish i did. i have some gold for you though. we're starting off with conversation about gold. it's back in favor with investors. it closed at a four month high yesterday and some investors are buying gold to protect against inflation. they're thinking the fed is about to inject money into the economy. and that can cause a little bit of inflation potentially. the fed minutes from the last meeting suggest policymakers are ready to take steps soon to boost the economy if it didn't show improvement. as for stocks disappointing earnings from hewlett-packard sent stocks lower -- >>> a south korean court says rivals apple and samsung infringed upon each other and stole pieces of each other's patents. the court ordered a partial ban on the sale of products in the country. the case was just one o
are slowing on southbound 95. this is folks heading down 17 warrenton. the right lane getting by. traveling northbound, pretty good drive time from fredericksburg. dale city.up to continuing to the beltway, just under 15 minutes. baltimore, 20 minutes from 495,altimore beltway to 95. n baltimore, the tractor- struck andver was s taken to hospital. if one lane is blocked on 95 at key highway. we will keep you updated. back to you. >> thank you. more today of the the office at the inily research council chinatown. the security guards still the suspectedd arrived.til help brianne carter in northwest with a look ahead. >> 28-gerald floyd corkins, a thesuspected of shooting the familyard at research council last week, is expected back in court later today. he is facing several charges g assault and gun charges. authorities allege on august 15 into a conservative lobbying group and opened fire like thee did not group's politics. he was carrying a box of ammunition and 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches. a judge ordered him to undergo a evaluation to it isine whether competent to continue with court procee
hammered, getting hammered all day. places east of us, warrenton, getting showers right now. we'll talk more about the unsettled weather in our area and also take a look at isaac a little later. first, bruce, back to you. >> anny, thanks a lot. >>> 9news now is reacting to isaac by mobilizing our resources. scott broom is now headed to florida's panhandle with our newest storm chasing technology. scott joins us now from the road. >> reporter: i'm still on the road, pulling into charlotte, north carolina, so halfway down to the florida panhandle, headed for tallahassee, where it looks like isaac might be coming in. and behind the wheel, as you might notice, why is that? well, let me take you on a tour of our 9news now mobile newsroom. the live view mobile newsroom leverages the latest digital technology to allow me to report live while on the move, from just about anywhere. and it's uniquely capable for big weather events like isaac. there's an in-car camera that allows me to talk to you. and another that allows you to see what's going on as i move from point a to point b. >> so, yes, i
on the speeds came within 12 seconds of colliding. the airtran control center in warrenton has switched the landing pattern but the information did not reach everyone in the control tower and a plane was cleared to land from the wrong direction, putting it in the path of two out bound flights. the air traffic controller ordered the incoming train to turn breaking off the approach avoiding disaster, joining us by town is jerome greer chandler an aviation journalist and expert on aviation safety. first of all jerome, a federal official told the post this was a pretty big screw up, would you concur? >> it seems to have boiled down to communication. dc air space is both complex, and very constrained, because of that, pilots are on their a game when they fly into washington regan national they pay rapt attention flying into dca. here is what apparently went on according to the post. weather is always a wild card in the equation it can change traffic flow and in complex, constrained, swath of air space that can lead to miscommunication. thank goodness we have something called p cast a traffic
right, this is a great shot. taken from warrenton, virginia. between 8:00 and 8:15 on august 1. this was taken by betty. the top of that thunder head, boom, weather stops. >> a hundreder head. >> i thought it was from the curiosity. >> if you want to send us a picture, go to our website, click on weather and ewe need your name, location, and a description. >> coming up, a woman caught on surveillance camera walking into the hospital. she's accused of trying to walk out with a baby, except it's not her baby. >>> and up next, head's up. we're going to tell you how to get a great summer deal and what model you may want to skip. up next. i got the chance to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those exper
for afternoon storms. 91 in culpeper. upper 80s nor warrenton, leesburg, and fairfax. downtown, 88, 89. 90 in andrews. close to 90 in through charles county and hughesville and also into interior sections. winds not a factor tomorrow. boaters have to be advised of big afternoon storms that are possible. so, we'll break it down for you. 66 to 74 to start. 82 to 86 by noon. warm, very comfortable. and maybe a thunderstorm late. 87 to 90 tomorrow afternoon. again, code yellow. the next three days, code yellow tomorrow, and code green on wednesday and thursday. 88 tomorrow, some storms. isolated storms on wednesday and just isolated storms on thursday. 88 wednesday. 90 on thursday. next seven days. it's going to heat up a little bit. by friday, we'll be in the low 90s with thunderstorms possible. the good news is, those storms on friday may set the stage for a very nice weekend. mid 80s on saturday. lows in the 60s both saturday and sunday night. there's your downtown temperatures. that could be low 60s in the suburbs and a sprinkle. temperatures also holding in the mid 80s. >> refreshing. >>
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